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Frequently Asked Questions

What is car sharing? top

Car sharing (also known as ‘lift sharing’, ‘ride sharing‘ or ‘car-pooling’) is when two or more people share a car and travel together rather than driving alone.

Why car share? top

There are lots of benefits of car sharing, such as:

  • saving money compared to driving alone
  • sharing the stress of driving
  • relieving the boredom of the daily commute
  • reducing your carbon footprint
  • freeing up more spaces in the company car park
  • helping to reduce traffic congestion and pollution

How does it work? top

RBWMcarshare.co.uk provides an online database of people who are willing to car share.

The scheme allows you to share with other people as and when it suits you. This can be a regular arrangement or a one-off event (e.g. when your car goes in for a service or repair).

By registering with RBWMcarshare.co.uk, you can participate:

  • always as the driver
  • always as the passenger
  • sometimes as the driver and sometimes as the passenger

The database will seek to match you with people making similar journeys and notify you of any successful matches. You will then have the opportunity to get in touch and make arrangements to meet by sending them a request to share from your account, or calling them if a phone number is provided.

To find out if there are other members matching your requirements, please head over to the "Register" page and enter your detail (e.g. where and when you wish to travel).

What about sharing costs? top

Passengers usually pay the driver a contribution towards fuel costs - that way each person saves money compared to driving alone. Alternatively, if you travel together on a regular basis and each person owns a car, then you can take it in turns to drive without the need for money to change hands.

Payment terms should be agreed between all parties in advance of travelling and contributions must be set at a level that ensures the driver does not make a profit on the vehicle’s running costs for that the journey.

The AA publishes motoring costs www.theaa.com/motoring_advice/running_costs, which provide a useful guide for various sizes of car. We recommend that the running costs are divided equally between the number of people in the car.

What about insurance? top

You must be fully insured for all of the journeys that you make. Insurance companies ask whether you will be using your vehicle for commuting and business trips when you take out your policy. Please check the terms of your policy before taking part in the scheme.

The Association of British Insurers clearly states that car sharing won't affect the insurance of their members so long as a profit isn't made. We recommend that you inform your insurance company that you are registered in a car share scheme. We have provided a sample letter that you could use.

You must make your insurance documents available for inspection by passengers together with other relevant documents such as MoT certificates.

What about personal security? top

We take personal safety and security very seriously. We have designed the system to be as secure as possible. All members’ details are stored securely in the database and only your journey details and preferences can be accessed by other members.

RBWM Car Share is only open to employees of registered local businesses. For additional peace of mind, you can choose to share only with colleagues within your own organisation, and you can also choose only to share with someone of the same gender.

When it comes to travelling, every member is responsible for his or her own safety. We recommend that members follow the basic security measures set out on the safety page of this website.

What if I car share and have to leave work suddenly? top

If you have to leave work suddenly due to illness or a personal emergency, then please contact your car share partner(s) to let them know.

Many employers have agreed to provide a lift or taxi to your home for any passenger who needs to leave unexpectedly, or whose driver has to leave unexpectedly. Check with your company’s administrator for details of your organisation’s policy.

What happens if I am sick? top

As a driver, you must contact your car share partner(s) as soon as possible to let them know that you are ill, so that they can make alternative arrangements.

As a passenger it is also essential for you to let the driver know if you are ill, so that they know not to wait if you are not at your pick up point.

What happens if I find that car sharing doesn't work for me? top

If you find that car sharing does not work for you, then you can stop at any time. You are not under any obligation to continue the arrangement.

We recommend that when you start sharing, you set a trial period and a date to review the arrangement. This allows you to stop sharing at this point if the arrangement doesn't work for one or more of the parties involved.

If you do want to cancel the arrangement, then please try to give your car share partners as much notice as possible, so they have time to make alternative arrangements.

I work shifts. Can I still share? top

Yes, car sharing is flexible. If you work irregular hours, we will put you in touch with employees who work similar hours to you.

If you have any further questions then please email contact@rbwmcarshare.co.uk.

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